Cannabis Law News

Cannabis Law News

Article: Who is Impacted if Marijuana is Reclassified as a Schedule II Drug

Judge Mary A. Celeste (ret.) writes, "Recently I discussed all of the congressional marijuana bills awaiting consideration and votes. The bills ranged from reclassifying marijuana to a Schedule II drug to removing it entirely from the Controlled Substances Act. The Act contains five schedules: I as the most serious to V as the least."

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Australian Federal AG Confirms In Letter That ACT’s Move Forward On Cannabis Will, With The Federal Govt’s Best Effort, Be Reversed

‘Terrible’ ACT cannabis laws are invalid" are his exact words in a recent letter to the ACT govt. “I would expect that ACT Policing will continue to enforce ACT and Commonwealth drug laws in accordance with their processes and procedures for investigating suspected breaches of criminal laws,” Mr Porter wrote.

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The International Cannabis Bar Association (INCBA), held a Cannabis Law Institute in New York City on October 3-5, 2019. It offered continuing legal education (CLE) classes on a wide array of cannabis law topics by some of the most active cannabis law attorneys in the country, including Kight Law attorneys Rod Kight and Kamran Aryah. Rod moderated two panels, “Ancillary Federal Agencies” and “State Level Issues”. Kamran spoke on the “Heavy Hitting Agencies” panel. Rod was also a “track coordinator” for the event and coordinated speakers and materials for three panels.

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OLCC Approves Marijuana Licensee Stipulated Settlements License Surrender for Exceeding Daily Purchase Limits

Portland, OR --  At its monthly meeting on October 17, 2019 the Commissioners of the Oregon Liquor Control Commission approved six marijuana violation stipulated settlement agreements.  The Commission also held a work session to review actions it could take to strengthen fines and penalties for recreational marijuana licensees and individuals who have a Marijuana Worker Permit.

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DOJ Report: The Cannabis Effect on Crime: Time-Series Analysis of Crime in Colorado and Washington State

Our results suggest that marijuana legalization and sales have had minimal to no effect on major crimes in Colorado or Washington. We observed no statistically significant long-term effects of recreational cannabis laws or the initiation of retail sales on violent or property crime rates in these states.The report published by Taylor & Francis concludes.

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Announcement Washington Re New Vape Emergency Rules & Regs

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board (Board) today adopted emergency rules consistent with the directives of Executive Order 19-03, dated September 27, 2019. On October 10, 2019, the Washington State Board of Health followed by issuing emergency rules that prohibited the sale of flavored vapor products by persons licensed under chapter 69.50 or 70.345 RCW.

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